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Koreatown sits in the geographical center of Los Angeles and is one of the most exciting neighborhoods in the city.

Welcome to Koreatown

A hip central neighborhood in the heart of Los Angeles

Referred to as “K Town” by locals, Koreatown sits in the geographical center of Los Angeles and is one of the most exciting neighborhoods in the city. It features a blend of dense commercial spaces and residential areas with modest to large condominiums and single-family homes in various classic and modern architectural styles. Its central location and proximity to multiple Metro subway stations offer residents easy access to the East and West sides of Los Angeles, including downtown, Hollywood, and Santa Monica.

Known as a melting pot of cultures, its bustling boulevards like Wilshire and Western are lined by an eclectic selection of restaurants, cafes, bars, late-night clubs, and a blend of mom and pop shops and mainstream retailers. Homes in this area include high rise condominiums and modeset to large single family homes.

What to Love

  • In the heart of Los Angeles
  • Easy access to various Metro stations and subway lines
  • A melting pot of cultures and lifestyles
  • A prime selection of restaurants, bars, and live entertainment
  • Fast-paced city living
  • Residential neighborhoods with single-family homes

Local Lifestyle

Koreatown offers vibrant city living and an active nightlife. The community is highly diverse and is home to a wide variety of lifestyles. Residents enjoy access to many restaurants, bars, and churches. Easy access to Metro subway lines like the Red Line and Purple line makes commuting easy without a car.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Koreatown’s vibrant community is reflected in its many dining, entertainment, and shopping options. Housed in a historic Spanish Revival-style plaza, Quarters is one of the many Korean BBQ restaurants in the neighborhood and offers a truly unique dining experience. Menu favorites include the classic Galbi beef and spicy baby back rib fondue. Cassell’s Hamburgers is a local hamburger joint that only uses premium, organic ingredients. It offers progressive American fare served in a classic diner interior with a modern flair. In addition to its quality burgers, critics rave about its signature patty melt.

Drawing inspiration from culinary traditions from around the globe Here’s Looking at You is a hip and innovative restaurant renowned for its boundary-pushing menu. Meanwhile, Le Comptoir is another unique culinary gem with an intimate twist on the traditional fine dining experience. Guests sit at a 10-seat counter and are personally served by celebrated Chef Menes. Menes is known for an inventive eight-course tasting menu based on personally grown and locally sourced organic vegetables and fruits.

Things to Do

Koreatown is a vibrant community that offers access to many fun recreational opportunities and cultural experiences. KTOWN Night Market is an annual two-night community festival that is modeled on traditional Asian night markets. It features musical performances by world acclaimed artists, more than 100 vendors, and a party atmosphere perfect for hanging out with friends.
Housed in a historic Spanish Revival-style plaza built in the late 1920s, the Chapman Market is home and host to an eclectic selection of popular restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. It’s a great place to explore with friends and family while enjoying the local cuisine and soaking up the neighborhood’s unique atmosphere.

Annenberg Space at Wilshire Boulevard Temple is a wellness center that prides itself on offering an inclusive community space. With a mission to support community members navigating the challenges of aging, it provides a place where members can learn new ways to enrich their lives and forge new social connections.

The Wiltern Theatre is one of Los Angeles’ most iconic concert venues. People from all across the city flock to this historic art-deco-style theater to catch performances by the world’s most celebrated artists and entertainers.


Koreatown is served by the Los Angeles Unified School District.  Among some of the many schools are:

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